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The Printer Wizards

The Printer Wizards

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Office technology and the world of printers and printer consumables delivers something new every day. To many companies, sourcing and purchasing the correct cartridges and toners can be time consuming and costly. The Printer Wizards understand because it ’s their specialty.

The The Printer Wizards are a progressive company that always strives for the best quality products and service to exceed customers' needs and expectations. Aiming to always ensure that when customers purchase from their site they receive significant cost benefits and ongoing office efficiencies.

The Printer Wizards offer prompt service and delivery to most locations around Australia through their network of suppliers, as well as priding themselves on “the right advice and the right price”.

The Printer Wizards enlisted Web Ninja to take advantage of the opportunities that an online site could generate for them.

Cartridge finder - Customers can conveniently search for the cartridge they require using a number of filters. Extra fields in exo were used to enter the filter information in order to display refined results based on the customers search criteria.

Revolving testimonials – Customer testimonials are entered into the testimonials section of the site and then a moving feed is displayed on the home page which can be clicked on to view the full details.

Order templates – Customers have the ability to add products to a template for ease of reordering. It is particularly convenient for customers who order the same printer cartridges on a fairly regular basis. They simplay create a template called Cartridges and then add the required products to it. Then when they are ready to place the order, they simply add the order template to the cart. Changes to qty levels and the removal of products is also possible. Customers have no restriction on the number of templates they can create.

Add to favourites – Customers can products to their “favourites list” for ease of reordering. The favourites list is managed in the My Account section where they can be removed, modified or added to the cart. 

Facebook activity feed – An activity feed is displayed on the home page that shows posts added to the TPW page. A great form of advertising and use of social media.

Featured Products – With additional sales text. A user field was setup to enable TPW to add additional text to a featured product on the home page.

Alternative product names - Due to the broad range of cartridge types and names, TPW wanted to ensure that customers were able to find what they were looking for. Keywords and alternative product names are entered into a user field against a product and if any of these were entered into the search field then the product will be displayed in search results.

Customised forms – TPW has a number of custom forms including printer enquiry form, book a service, price match policy and a custom contact us form which included an enquiry type drop down list. All forms include a field where the customer selects their nearest store. The form is then submitted and emailed to the email address of the store they select. This ensures a prompt response from the right person.

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