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Banbury Clothing

Banbury Clothing Case Study

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Features and Functionality

Wholesale website with custom functionality. Included retail catalogue site but public are not able to purchase



This website is integrated with Infusion


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Features and Functionality




Owned and operated in NZ, Banbury Clothing has been in the garment industry since 1966.

Thir garments were manufactured either in-house or within NZ until 1998.

Since then, they have shifted the bulk of their production off-shore; however they have retained the capability to manufacture sweatshirt and fleece garments locally.

With the company enjoying a close relationship with their distributors – garment branders and specialist industry suppliers Banbury describe their product and company as:

Great garments
Passionate people

A 'triple zero' service goal: 
- Zero quality issues
- Zero backorders 
- Zero order mistakes

They currently do not supply direct to the public.

Infusion pricing policies integrated.

Transaction history for wholesale customers.

Product groupings.

Colour size style groupings – third level category was used to create the breakdown of groups on the product list page:
Lite, 280 Pullover are third level categories but used to add info about the groups to it’s right.

Swatches – user controlled in the webninja software. Swatches integrate with the product images from Infusion.

Retail and wholesale have different product pages. Wholesale can see stock availability through a stock level indicator. Retail is set-up as a catalogue site. Wholesale customers can order.

Sub categories have a hero category which is user controlled and displays as a larger image.

Products set-up in multiple categories – controlled in the webninja software.

Fully integrated CMS.

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